You were using an Android phone and then you decided to migrate to the iPhone device for newer experience. The iPhone offers several exclusive features in which you may have got interested. When you get your hands on your new iPhone there was still some data left in the Android phone that you also want in your iPhone device. It can be some documents, multimedia file or any other stuffs so the question arises how to transfer data from Android to iPhone. You can do it the manual way by just copying the Android files to your computer and then copy the same files to the iPhone through the computer. But this process is quite hectic and there are lot of chances that some files will get left or missing.

There are also several other ways to transfer data from Android to iPhone like wireless transfer from Bluetooth or WiFi  However there are also limitations for this process such as connection should be active on both of the devices and the phones should be in close proximity for faster data transfer and good connection strength. If the connection is lost then the process will get failed and none of the files will be transferred. In this case also data loss can occur. So it is advised that you should backup your data before your transfer it to other device and for that use the provided backup tool that will do its job automatically. When the backup is complete you transfer the same data to the iPhone without any difficulty. You can also use the same software to backup the data that you will save in your new iPhone. The software is simple and powerful that works fluently. You should download the software now and start using it before any data loss is encountered by you during transfer data from Android to iPhone or any other situation.

                            download backup softw              buynow1

To Recover Android data :-

                             download recovery               buynow1

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

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