Do you’ve lots of AVI files saved on your system? Do you desperately want to learn the best and easy tips on how to transfer and play AVI on iPhone? Then, fortunately you have reached to correct spot, go through this guide calmly to transfer all your favorite AVI files and play it on your iPhone effectively.

How to Transfer and Play AVI on iPhone

AVI is one of the best and widely used file formats for storing video files be it online or offline mode. Therefore, if you suppose to have lots of AVI videos and want to play them on your iOS device on the go, then you probably need to remember some vital points such as your AVI files must be compatible with your iPhone. If you have saved the videos to some other digital device or hard drive then to play the AVI video you have to transfer them into your device. But the big question arises here is how to transfer and play AVI on iPhone? Don’t worry you can transfer AVI videos to iPhone within few clicks. However, here let me remind you if you’re thinking that iTunes and iCloud is the only method to transfer files then think twice because if you are looking to play AVI video files on iPhone then iTunes will not let you to synchronize it as iTunes does not support it.

The only thing you can do is install a video converter or media player application according to your iPhone compatibility either to your PC or on your device from Apple store and then try to play though them. However, if any mishap occurs you may lose all precious and vital AVI files forever as you also know it disaster may strike at any point of time. Losing your precious and vital AVI files can be annoying and awful.

Use iPhone Backup Software

Therefore, before performing how to transfer and play AVI on iPhone, you should create a backup of all your data. So, we suggest you not to take any chances and select an authentic and trusted third party tool .i.e iPhone Backup Software. Not only iPhone Backup Software help you to learn how to transfer and play AVI on iPhone but also create backup of all your messages, Whatsapp text, call history, music files, recordings, contacts, and other important apps effectively. This backup tool supports different models of iPhone (/6s/6/6 Plus/5/4S/4/5s/5c/3GS) as well.

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For iPhone Data Recovery-

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How to Transfer and Play AVI on iPhone

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