Hello every one my name is Rozy. I am in big trouble presently. I have been using iPhone for  two years and for a change I have purchased recently an android phone. All my valuable data are present on iPhone and I want to transfer all data from iPhone to Android. Is there any quick and effective guidelines on how to  sync iPhone with Android. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

In the modern technology iPhone and android phone both are remarkable device that provides us incredible and innovative features. Both phone are the perfect combination of smart specifications, powerful configuration and power packed performance. However sometime for a change iPhone user will buy an android phone to enjoy with all its stunning features. At times user need their valuable data stored on iPhone. In this case user would start thinking how to sync iPhone with Android? Sync iPhone with android is not that much easy task  you think because when switching from iPhone to android phone is not only the change of brand but also change of its entire operating system. Thus you need to use powerful and most effective solution that helps you on how to sync iPhone with Android. This issue can be easily solved by using iPhone backup software.

Ways to sync iPhone with Android

There are three methods that helps you to transfer iPhone data to Android phone, take a look:

iTunes: iTunes are the Apple inbuilt utility tool which backup easily your iPhone data. It transfer all your important data to another device safely. But it is very slow while performing the task and it often generates error during transmission of files.
iCloud: iCloud is another utility tool that can also backup and restore all valuable files on iPhone. It also help you to transfer files between iPhone and android but it offers only 3 GB of data. That means user can only transmit their data only up to 3 GB
iPhone backup software: iPad backup software is third party software which is excellent tool designed to overcome the drawback of iTunes ans iCloud utility. User can easily sync iPhone with Android in easy manner due to its user  friendly interface. Therefore if you willing to know how to sync iPhone with Android install iPhone backup software today.

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In case if you want to recover iPhone data

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How to Sync iPhone with Android

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