share installed apps between iPhone to iPad

How to share installed apps between iPhone to iPad? I have purchased a new iPad and i already have an iPhone on which i have installed number of interesting apps. Now i want to share them to my new iPad. If anyone knows how to do it then please let me know. Thanks.

Technology has captured this world very fast and we are seeing new devices daily. iPhone is one of the most used device in the world. The iPhone comes enabled with many interesting and useful features which make it the major part of our daily life. We can store and use lots of things which includes apps. We love to use new apps in our daily life and thats why we installed many apps on our iPhone. But sometime a situation comes in which we have to transfer or share our apps to other device like iPad as mentioned in above scenario. But many users don’t have any idea How to share installed apps between iPhone to iPad. If you are also the one then don’t worry and continue reading. However sharing apps is little trick from sharing other multimedia data but there are several ways through which you can do it. You can transfer your apps using iTunes to your computer and after that connect your iPad to the computer and transfer those apps. Another ways is through iCloud. You just have to create an account to iCloud from your iPhone and upload your apps to it. After that you can sign in to iCloud from your iPad and download the apps easily. But there are some limitation of iTunes and iCloud like low storage capacity, slow working and they and risk of data loss.

It is better to use some third party software instead of using iTunes and iCloud to share your apps. In recent time iPhone backup software should be the best solution for your How to share installed apps between iPhone to iPad search. This software is featured with read only method so that it can share your data without making any changes to them and it can be used to share data from iPhone to any other devices. So if you also want to share data from iPhone to iPad then it is recommended to use iPhone backup software.

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iPhone data can be recovered using iPhone recovery software.

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How to Share Installed Apps Between iPhone to iPad

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