You have searched every forum sites and Google it many times still you are unable to know how to send large files from iPhone to computer? Then, don’t get disappointed there is an excellent news for you. Fortunately, you have come to correct place. Read this post briefly to learn the simplest way.

how to send large files from iPhone to computer

First of all if you own an iPhone then, you must be a proud owner. It’s an amazing device with lots of mind blowing and innovative features. However, having equipped with lots of functions it has some limitations as well. There have been reports that users are facing problems in transferring big files from iPhone to their respective computers or laptops. There are thousands of queries regarding how to send large files from iPhone to computer? Well, there could be many causes behind this problem let’s not think over them. We are here, to provide you the best tips. Therefore, skip forward and move ahead. There are number of ways to transfer files from iPhone to computer like you send your photos, videos, music files by using a cables. Just connect your iPhone to PC and follow the given instructions. Users can send files by using iCloud application or via emails in case if you want to send small files like short video clip.

Use iPhone Backup Software

However, all the above mentioned tricks requires technical knowledge and skills. Any mistake might lead to data corruption or you might also lose your vital data forever. Then, it can be very unpleasant scenario because losing your precious data can be annoying and heart breaking. That’s why is necessary to learn How To Send Large Files From iPhone To Computer? Therefore, to avoid data loss first thing you must do is to create backup of your data before any mishap by using a powerful and trusted third party software. So, advice you take help of iPhone backup software. This software will create backup of all your data including contacts, images, music, call history, applications etc in hassle free manner. iPhone backup software is also suitable with various models of iPhone like (iPhone 6 plus/6/5/5S/5C/4S/4/3GS and iPhone 3G). this software is has a very easy user interface that can be used by amateurs also.

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In case, if you have lost your essential iPhone data then opt for-

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How To Send Large Files From iPhone To Computer

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