Do you want to learn how to restore iPad from an iPhone backup? Then, bear with us to know the perfect way how to do it safely any without any hassle. Read this guide carefully, it will definitely help to resolve this issue effectively.

How To Restore iPad From An iPhone Backup

Well, there are lots of causes why you probably require to learn how to restore iPad from an iPhone backup. You may require to absolutely reset your iPad, rescuing it back to factory settings and deleting all your essential data present on the device or perhaps you just bought a new iPad which has no data on it so far and assuming you don’t want to make a fresh start with installing your favorite applications, contact details, games, audios and videos files and various other programs. Maybe you just want your iPad to emulate your iPhone so that both devices sync. Considering that, you’ve backed up all your precious data in iTunes or iCloud then, you can effectively restore your iPad from iPhone backup.

Relying on which type of method you’ve chosen to make your backup, here is how to restore iPad from an iPhone backup. But, before moving ahead please keep in mind that you must have a backup files already made in order to do a restore. You must also verify that the OS on your iPad is updated to latest version as the OS from the iPhone whose backup you want to use. Follow the below mentioned steps to perform how to restore iPad from an iPhone backup via iTunes:-

STEP 1:- Acquire the Restore Option

  • Connect iPad to PC where you last backed up your iPad using USB cable.
  • Start iTunes. After that, iTunes will automatically determine your iPad and connect it.
  • From iTunes go to File menu and click the devices sub menu.
  • Choose Restore From Backup option.

STEP 2:- Select iPhone Backup File

  • Chose which backup file you want to use.
  • Click Continue button after choosing your desired backup file.
  • Now you see that iPad will start to be restored.
  • After completion of the process, iTunes will create a new saved backup file.

Use iPhone Backup Software

If any user wants to go for iCloud backup, let me tell them it requires data connection and Wi-Fi network. Moreover, you may also lose your essential data if any mishap occurs. Nevertheless you can effectively perform how to restore iPad from an iPhone backup by using a powerful and reliable third party software i.e iPhone Backup Software. This tool is created by experienced experts by using advanced algorithm method. It’s better to create backup of all your iPhone data earlier rather than kicking yourself latter. iPhone Backup Software also creates backup of all your Whatsapp text, music files, recordings, contacts, messages, call history, and other important apps conveniently.

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How To Restore iPad From An iPhone Backup

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