How to restore calender on iPhone without hassle? I have accidentally deleted my calender last night? How can I recover them back?Please help!

In this modern era eight out of ten people are using iPhone due to its outstanding features which attracts almost all age group of people. Iphone contains dozens of application among which calender app is also a great one. Calender app on iPhone holds the important appointments in our life like meetings, business, friends, family, birthday and work schedule. So loosing the calenders can be very painful and frustrating. You would start thinking how to restore calender on iPhone without hassle. However Usually user might might lose calenders during updating their system. Apart from this there are also some possible causes behind calenders lost such as iPhone lost, iPhone damage, IOS upgrade failure, iPhone crash, restore factory settings, accidentally deleting calender and IOS jailbreak. No matter you lost your calender due to any reason, there are two ways to restore calenders on iPhone, have a look:

 Restore Calendar on iPhone using Itunes

It is one of the most popular method today provided by Apple with aim to backup and restore data on all IOS devices. To proceed the task first of all connect your Iphone to PC using data cable. Then launch iTunes and click on Device tab. Then Right-click on iPhone and click on “Restore from Backup”.

 Restore Calendar on iPhone using iCloud

It is another inbuilt utility tool provided by Apple to restore deleted data on Iphone. First of all run the program and go to “Recover from iCloud Backup file” mode. After that you have to login your iCloud with your valid Apple ID and password. Then select one of your backup and click scan. When the scan ends, tick the calenders and Click Recover”.

 Restore Calendar on iPhone using iPhone recovery software

Restoring data on iPhone using iTunes and iCloud is not an ideal choice because they have certain limitation due to which they fails to achieve the task, Therefore if you want to learn the safest method on how to restore calenders on iPhone without hassle  use iPhone recovery software without any doubt. The tool is designed to backup and restore all vital files on all IOS devices.

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Want to backup iPhone data

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How to Restore Calendar on iPhone without Hassle

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