I am regularly in a habit of taking backup of files using backup Software before shutting down my PC. But somehow all raw nef files which was there in the backup itself got corrupted and its showing some logical errors when I try to access them. I could not afford to lose these photos which were clicked using my Nikon digital camera recently during my Birthday bash. I am desperately looking for NEF file recovery? Is it possible? Any help would be appreciable.



If you have lost raw nef file while transferring photos or due to corrupted Windows backup file and now seeking help, kindly go through this effective solution to recover nef files. Before that, let us take a closer look at Nikon raw nef files.

What makes NEF Files So vulnerable to Corruption?

NEF aka Nikon Electronic Format are widely used by Nikon Camera as raw format to store the pictures. NEF is another form of raw file format that integrates 12/14 or 16 binary original confidential data that generated by the photographic environmental detail, CMOS or CCD and camera programming adjustment detail into 1 file. This type of file format adopted by the several digital branded camera that exhibits the best quality of the digital pictures. One of the greatest advantage of such a file format is possession of the biggest color space that allows System user to customize the pictures maximally.

NEF file is usually written to the memory card in either lossless or compressed form. But sometimes, it may be possible that your pictures or raw files get deleted. Therefore, it is strictly advised to take a backup of NEF photos regularly. If you have not taken backup or your backup got corrupted as in your case then there is no need to be panic because there is a way through which you cab easily recover your raw NEF files. You can know more details of raw file format from it’s wikipedia.

Causes For Deletion of Raw NEF Files

There are numerous reasons are responsible for the deletion of raw nef files but the most common are listed below :

  • Use of “Format” or “Delete All” option to delete NEF files.
  • Capturing of photos from Nikon digital camera without completing of write procedure.
  • Use of any infected or corrupt SD card.
  • Abrupt Computer shutdown while transferring photos from Camera to PC.
  • Disconnecting of memory card while transferring images.

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NEF Files Recovery: Solution To Recover NEF Files from Corrupted Backup

Does not matter, how you lost Nikon raw nef files, you can easily recover them using the best third-party recovery utility named Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software. It is capable of recovering pictures from all branded digital cameras, external SD cards, internal & external media devices and much more. This software facilitates people to recover more than 100 multimedia types files. It’s user friendly interface and highly advanced features makes it very easy to use. So, you can use Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery to recover raw nef files from corrupted Windows backup file without any hesitation.

User Guide of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Tool

  • Download & Install Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery on your Windows PC.
  • From the main interface, select “Recover Photo, Audio & Video”.

  • Now, choose Storage media and click on “Scan Now” button to start the recovery procedure.
  • You can also select the specific file formats from the “Advanced Settings” option and then click on the “Start Scan” button.
  • The scanning progress bar will be appear on your screen.
  • A window will appear on your screen in which list of all recovered nef files is listed from the several drives are locations. Click on Recover button to recover them.
  • At last, save your recovered nef files on your specified location.

How To Recover RAW NEF Files From Corrupted Windows Backup File

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