Last weekend when i was on a trip with my friends i accidentally dropped my iPhone in water after which i try to restart it but it fails to turn on. I have lots of important pictures stored in it which i don’t want to lose. So is there any way through which i can recover pictures from dead iPhone?

iPhone has become an important part of our daily life because it contains our important data and we can do many thing with it apart from communicating with each other. But sometime iPhone users come across difficult situation when they are unable to access their iPhone data mainly when the iPhone get dead. There are many people who are looking for the solution to recover pictures from dead iPhone. If you are also searching the same then here you will get the right solution. Well, if your iPhone get dead, crash or broken then it is really difficult to access data from it. But if you are a smart user and have created backup of your data on iCloud or anywhere else then you can easily get them without any hassle. But in the case if no backup available then you can try to connect your iPhone to computer via iTunes to get all the data back. But before using iTunes it is necessary to know about its limitation like it need a high speed Internet connection to run, it doesn’t allow single file to share or occurrence of interruption while transferring data from it can lead to loss of data.

So if your iPhone is also dead and want to recover pictures from dead iPhone then don’t be frustrated. You can use some third party recovery tool to get back data from dead iPhone. iPhone recovery software is one of the best recovery tool through which you can easily retrieve your lost data from dead, broken or damaged iPhone. It is very easy to use and supports all the models of iPhone.

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Use iPhone Backup Software to Backup iPhone Data

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How to Recover Pictures from Dead iPhone

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