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I am an user of iPhone and i have saved so many important task in its calendar. But suddenly when i want to open it today it was not available. It is very disturbing i don’t know what to do. Can anyone help me on how to recover iPhone calendars? Thanks.

iPhone does not needs any introduction as it is used by many people worldwide. It comes with many unique and outstanding features which makes our work easy and that’s why users are crazy about this device. It offers many features like and calendar is one of the useful amongst them. We have many work in our daily life which we use to save in iPhone calendar to remember them easily. It make our task easy because we don’t need to remember the lengthy schedule. But problem never comes with notification. Have you ever wonder what happen when the calendar gets deleted. It can be very worrying when you cant remember every work which is present in your schedule. It makes users search for how to recover iPhone calendars. There are many reason which can become the cause of behind calendar deletion.

Some common reason behind data loss

  • Accidental deletion
  • Virus invasion
  • Unexpected format of memory card
  • Abnormal shutdown of device
  • Damage of phone or storage media

However, you can use iTunes to recover which is an inbuilt utility used by iOS devices to restore backups. So you can use it to restore your backup data. But there are also some limitation of iTunes like it work very sloe, need high speed Internet and there remains a great chance of data loss if any error occur while using iTunes.

Use iPhone recovery software

iTunes can be used if there is backup available but in the case if there is no backup available you will need a third party software. iPhone recovery software is the best utility which can become a solution for your how to recover iPhone calendars query. It easily recover lost calendar on iPhone. Also it recovers audio files , video files , documents along with the images files. It has very user friendly interface and compatible with all Window and Mac operating system.

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If you want to backup of iPhone data then use backup software

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How to Recover iPhone Calendars – Complete Solution

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