Put Music to iPhone 6s without iTunes

I have recently purchased a new iPhone 6s and i want to transfer some favorite music from my old iPad to it. Many people suggested me to do it with iTunes but i have heard about iTunes limitation and problem related with it. So i want to put music to iPhone 6s without iTunes. If anyone has suggestion about it then please help. Thanks.

Apple has provided many useful gadgets but iPhone has become the most used device among them. However there are many iPhone available in market but the latest one is iPhone 6s. This latest version of iPhone comes with so many extraordinary features which has users crazy about it. One can do lots of thing with iPhone like listening music, watching videos, storing image, accessing Internet and so on. But sometime we have store our favorite music to some other place like iPad or computer and we want them in our iPhone. However the simplest way to transfer data to iPhone is through iTunes but because of drawback and it is prone to data loss many users avoid transferring with iTunes. But the question is that how do you put music to iPhone 6s without iTunes. Don’t worry if you also don’t want to use iPhone. You can still share your music to iPhone with the help of iCloud. You just have to upload your musics to iCloud and after that you can easily access them on your iPhone by downloading from iCloud. But iCloud has also some limitation like you can only transfer only 5 GB of data.

If you are also searching about how to put music to iPhone 6s without iTunes then don’t be panic. You can still transfer your music with the help of some third party software. iPhone backup software is the best utility which can be used instead of iTunes and iCloud to sync data to iPhone. This software is designed with the panel of experts and has used sophisticated technique so you can easily sync your data without any limitation. It supports all the available version of iPhone. So if you also want to transfer your data safely to iPhone then it is recommended to use iPhone backup software.

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To recover iPhone data use iPhone recovery software

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How to Put Music to iPhone 6s Without iTunes

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