Do you want to learn how to prevent InApp purchases on your new iPad? You’ve searched every forums and blog sites still haven’t found the proper solution. Fortunately you have come to correct spot, browse this guide carefully to resolve this issue effectively.

How To Prevent in-App Purchases On Your New iPad

Well you thought to buy a new iPad or decided to switch from an android device to an iOS device. However, if you have any sort of intention to share the new iPad with others, especially with your children’s, then you may want to know how to prevent InApp purchases on your new iPad. An In-app purchases are supplementary content and subscriptions which can purchased by users on their iOS devices. There are several applications in apple store which are primarily free to download, although as you use these applications the apps designers will lure you with lots of amazing offers or in app purchases. However, not all apps gives in-app purchases, they are mainly associated with game applications. These apps are dangerous because before you understand it will use your credit card to assist in-app purchase, therefore it is necessary to know how to prevent InApp purchases on your new iPad. Apply the below mentioned steps to block in-app purchases on iPad:-

  • Go to iPad home screen, Open Settings App.
  • Select General tab, then Restrictions.
  • Next, choose Enable Restrictions
  • Set your 4 digit passcode to Enable Restrictions and remember, you must use different password and it should not match with the iPad Lock screen password.
  • Below the Allow Section, disable the feature for in-app purchase.

Use iPad Backup Software

The above steps will help you to prevent InApp purchases on your iOS device. However, if you are not able to do it yourself don’t try to force it as you may lose all your vital forever. So, its better to backup all your precious data before preventing in-App purchases on iPad as if any mishap occurs your vital information remains secured after that, you may perform how to prevent InApp purchases on your new iPad effectively. To backup your priceless iPad data we recommend you to opt for a robust third party software .i.e iPad Backup Software. this software is very efficient which will create backup of your data including applications, messages, contacts, games, notes etc. iPad Backup Software is also compatible with all the version of iPad like iPad mini, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad air and others.

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For iPhone/iPad Data Recovery Opt for-

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How To Prevent InApp Purchases On Your New iPad

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