Smartphones have become a part of life and most of them run on the Android operating system. It is quite a versatile and you can do various things with it other that just making calls. Although the user becomes easily familiar with its function there are chances that will make a mistake and mess up the phone’s setting. The mobile will now behave awkwardly and you will not be able to user some of its function. Some other causes can also create these types of circumstances like virus attack, internal error, memory corruption and other things like that. Now the only thing that you can do to fix this by your own is to reset the phone to factory settings. If will simply restore the settings to default and refresh all the internal hardware connection. It will be the way like you have bought it. So the question is how to perform factory reset on Android phone.

Now to perform factory reset on Android phone, you should go the settings menu and scroll down. You will get backup and reset, click on that you will see the factory data reset option right below. You can click on it to start the process which make the phone reboot. However the most important thing is that you should backup all the data that is important to you and stored in the phone only. This is because, while performing factory reset on Android phone all the data will get wiped out and you will not be able to get it back. There are some inbuilt tools that can help you with this but the better option is that you use a third party tool. The given software will allow you to create the backup of all necessary data like the contacts, messages, photos, videos, application data and much more in any other storage device. When the reset is done you can easily use the backup to restore the data in the phone. You must download the software before you perform the reset.


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How To Perform Factory Reset On Android Phone

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