How to Install iOS 9 Manually on Your iPhone

Do you want to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 9? Don’t know how to install iOS 9 manually on your iPhone? Well if you are searching solution for such question then you have reached the right place. In this post we will tell you how to easily install iOS 9 on your iPhone.

There is no doubt that iPhone is a leading device in the field of phone which is used by millions of people across the world. It has simplified our lives beyond limit. One can easily access Internet, click best quality pictures, listen music, watch video and so more. But since the making of iPhone Apple has launched many version of iOS and one of the latest one is iOS 9. it comes with great features and possibilities. Many user want to update their iPhone and hence they need to install iOS 9 on it. But the issue is that users don’t know how to install it so they start searching on the Internet about how to install iOS 9 manually on your iPhone.

If you are one of them who want to install iOS 9 to iPhone then you can do it easily. But before you do that you have to take some prevention like backup your important data of iPhone you can backup your data on iCloud also, ensure that your device battery is full and download the latest version of iTunes and also install it on your computer. Now connect your device to Wi-Fi and launch the setting app. Now select the general tab and tap on the software update. After that all the latest iOS will be listed. Now click on iOS 9 and tap on download button. Once the download complete you can install it easily.

After completing the above mentioned process it is hoped that you will get the solution of your how to install iOS 9 manually on your iPhone search. But if there is any error occur and the installation failed then you might have to suffer from data loss situation. If you have backup available then you can get them with the help of iTunes. If not then you will need third party software. iPhone recovery software is one of the best utility through which you can easily recover lost iPhone data easily without making much effort.

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iPhone can be backup with iPhone backup software

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How to Install iOS 9 Manually on Your iPhone

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