Hello everyone, i recently purchase the latest iPhone 6 from online store. I had never been used an iPhone before so i am really happy to have this. In my computer i have stored all my favorite music and want to import all music files from the computer to iPhone6. But i am a new users of iPhone so i literally don’t know that how to import music to your iPhone 6. Can somebody provide an easy instructions for this. Thanks for your help…

Hi there, if you are in the way of finding an answer of your question how to import music to your iPhone 6 then you have arrived at right destination. The iPhone 6 which you purchased is the latest version among all other iPhone. There is no need to introduce about an iPhone as it the product of a renowned brand Apple. Some special features has been designed in this iPhone 6. Well, coming to your question how to import music to your iPhone 6. You can use the iTunes for importing any file from computer to your iPhone 6. The iTunes is an application which is inbuilt in the all models of iPhone. It is helpful in many functionalities of an iPhone. The another way to import file from computer to your iPhone 6 is with the help of bluetooth. It is informed you that there is a chance of data loss during importing the files from computer to iPhone. The main cause behind this is nay kind of interruption in file transmission.

The experts suggests to use iPhone backup software and create backup file of all data before it gets lost. This software is compatible with all the versions of iPhone. The easy to use interface of this software will help to navigate the all functions easily. It is well featured software that has got many awards about its excellent working. It is working automatically and never got stuck in between the backup process. This software is helpful in those situations when an iTunes did not work.

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For iPhone data recovery

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How to Import Music to Your iPhone 6

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