Hello friends i was using iPhone 5s from one years but now i have purchased iPhone 6s. I don’t know how to import contacts from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6s. So if you have idea about it then please make me aware of easy guidelines.

Hey there, you have come to the right place because this article will let you know that how to import contacts from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6s. In todays generation many peoples are using iPhone because of its world class technologies. There are different versions of iPhone has launched in recent market like iPhone5/ 5s/6/65 etc. The features of iPhone and its working is beyond the other smartphones. The design is very innovative and impressive which makes your personality rich. Now coming on your problem about importing contacts from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6s. Like other data music, video, images, documents, movies the contacts can also be imported from one iPhone to another version iPhone. There are two methods of importing iPhones contacts. One is iCloud and another is iTunes. Having this two utility how to import contacts from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6 is not a big question for you.

In the iPhone there is an utility named iCloud and before using it you need to make a account on iCloud hat allows to store your all iPhone 5s data including contacts on remote server. Now in your iPhone 6s again login the iCloud account and import the all contacts. Moving on the another method through iTunes. Using the iTunes you can create backup of all iPhone 5s contacts and further you van import the contacts from backup to your iPhone 6s. In order to doing this sometimes you may encounter the data loss problem from your iPhone. The data loss situation comes due to some issues like Internet connection problem, human errors etc. If it happens to you then do prefer iPhone backup software which helps to get back all your lost iPhone data. The excellent features of this software is making it popular all over the world.

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How to import contacts from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6s

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