How to fix the blue screen on iPhone

Hi friends i am using an iPhone from last six month and it was running perfectly without any problem. But from tomorrow when i try to open the iPhone it show only blue screen. Now i am in a big trouble. So if anyone has suggestion regarding how to fix the blue screen on iPhone then please let me know. Thanks.

When we talk about smartphone the one name that emerges is iPhone. iPhone has beaten all types of phones in every way. It comes with so many unique and spectacular features thats why it is chosen by millions of people across the world. But having so many qualities doesn’t mean that it is free from problem. Users of iPhone also have to face some uncertain problem and one of them is having blue screen on iPhone. There should be many reason behind this issue like hardware problem or any software failure. Users affected from this problem have no idea to fix it so they desperately start searching about how to fix the blue screen on iPhone Internet.

If you are also having the same issue of blue screen then you can fix it by following these easy steps

  • Disable iCloud syncing – If you also get stuck in this situation then you can alleviate the iWork-related reboots by disabling iCloud syncing
  • Try to update your iOS to the newest version – Apple has launched the new version to fix bugs so you can upgrade your iOS
  • Try hard reset – It has been seen in some cases hard reset has fix the problem. You can do it by pressing home and power button until it restart itself.
  • Restore your data with iTunes – If you have previously make backup of your data then you can connect your iPhone with iTunes to restore them. If there is no data then connecting iPhone in blue screen with iTunes can erase all the data.

It is hoped that you will get the solution of your query how to fix the blue screen on iPhone after using the above mentioned steps. But if the problem still exists and you have lost all your data then you will have to opt a third party software to recover them. iPhone recovery software is the best utility ever through which you can easily recover erased and lost data from your iPhone. This tool work efficiently in retrieving data no matter in what situation it is lost.

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To backup your iPhone data easily use iPhone backup software

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How to Fix the Blue Screen on iPhone

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