Hi friends i am stuck in a problem and need your help. Last night i was trying to backup some important files of my iPhone in my computer, but while doing this the iPhone get stuck. I try many times but the problem remains the same. So if you have any idea about why iPhone stuck in sync mode then please help me. Thanks

iPhone has become a part of our daily life because it provides many facility through which we can handle our daily work in easy way. We can store any kind of data in iPhone whether it is multimedia or some important documents. But like other digital device it is also prone to data loss so it should be better to create backup for those important data before we face some data loss situation. But many users have complained that while doing backup their iPhone get stuck and they don’t know why it is happening. Well if your iPhone stuck in sync mode then in this situation you don’t have to panic because still there are ways to get out of this problem. If we thought about syncing or backup iPhone data then the one utility which comes in our mind is iTunes through which we can do it. But while syncing if you are getting the problem then first check that the iTunes which you are using supports your iPhone or not. Also make sure that iTunes which you are using is updated or not.

If your iPhone stuck in sync mode after checking all the updates then it should be due to iTunes. Because sometime iTunes doesn’t supports the iPhone or computer. So in this situation without being frustrated you have to go with some third party software. iPhone backup software is the best solution to sync your iPhone when it stuck during syncing with iTunes. This utility contains latest features and it supports all the computer and every model of iPhone.

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To Recover iPhone Data Use iPhone Recovery Software

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How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Sync Mode

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