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How to Fix iPhone Red screen of death. I am iPhone 6 user but today I am in big problem. Whenever I open my iPhone 6 instead of flashing Apple Logo , it displays Red screen of death. I really don’t know what it does mean? Can any one help me to overcome from this weird issue. Please help!.

Today the popularity of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S is increasing very fast. It is in great demand so more and more people prefers to use this Smart phone. But like other smartphone iPhone is also not free from several issue. These days many iPhone user complaints about that they are encounter with red screen of death issue all of sudden due to unknown reason. Today it is the most common issue which occurs unexpectedly with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 user. In the presence of such issue you are no longer to use your iPhone normally. Then you would start thinking on how to fix iPhone red screen of death quickly. Well if you are looking for the same then don’t panic at all , read this post briefly in order to get the desired result.

How to Fix the issue

In order to fix blue screen of death you need to follow the manual procedure if it happens due to faulty software:

 Restart your iPhone

In various circumstances like crashing, freezing, device resets and reboots, device lockup and not responding keypad a simple restart or soft reset can help to fix the issue. So you should also restart your iPhone. For this you should switch off your device and then turn it back.

 Restore iPhone using iTunes

when the problem still persist after restart the iPhone then should restore iPhone using iTunes . For this follow the below step:

1 Connect your iPhone to computer with matched USB
2 Launch iTunes on your computer
3 Press and Hold power and Home button together on your iPhone until you see Itunes screen.
4 Click on iPhone displayed in iTunes and click Restore from the summary pane.

However if still the problem persist then you should rely on iPhone recovery software This tool is developed by advanced technologies which recovers all iPhone data which have lost due to any reason. Therefore if you willing to know how to fix iPhone red screen of death to recover lost iPhone data, then use iPhone recovery software today.

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Want to backup iPhone data

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How to Fix iPhone Red Screen of Death

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