How to fix iPhone Randomly Restarts issue

I have got an iPhone on my last birthday and it was working perfectly all the while. But i don’t know what happen and suddenly it start rebooting itself. I am stuck in great problem and don’t know what to do. So if anyone has idea regarding iPhone randomly restarts issue then please help me. Thanks

Today there are millions of people who are using iPhone and it has beaten all the smartphone when we talk about features. It facilitate its user with many extraordinary features thats why its users are increasing rapidly day by day. There are many version of iPhone available in market today and all have some different features from other. Whether iPhone provide so many useful features and facility it also has some issues. And one of the common one is iPhone randomly restarts issue. Users suffering from this issue stats that their iPhone unexpectedly shut down and restart automatically. Well it is very annoying when you are doing some important task and your phone suddenly shut down.

There should be many reason behind this issue like old iOS version, faulty application and so on. It has been seen that turning off the cellular data and then restart has sorted this problem sometime so you can try this. In addition you can try to solve this problem by reset all the setting to default. To reset iPhone you can go to setting then general after that you can reset all setting to default. You can also try to remove some faulty app which may cause this problem.

It is hop[ed that after trying above mentioned tips you will overcome from the problem. But if still you are having rebooting problem of iPhone then it is better to restore your data if you have made a backup of them. You can do by connecting your device to iTunes. If iPhone randomly restarts it can lead to lost of your data and if you have not made any backup then you have to restore them with some third party software. iPhone recovery software is the only application through which you can retrieve your iPhone data without missing any single file.

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If you need iPhone backup then you can use iPhone backup software

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How to Fix iPhone Randomly Restarts Issue

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