You have searched everywhere and still you are unable to Find and view iPhone backup files on Mac? Are you looking for exact location of your iPhone backup files ? Then, you will be glad to know that you can easily find and view your files even if it is hidden. Read this post carefully and at the end you will surely be able to resolve your issue.

Backups of data is very essential specially if you are an iPhone user because it helps to restore and get back your data if you may have deleted accidentally or lost due to several reasons. You might also want to do backup of your vital data for records and for future endeavors. Losing your precious and important data from iPhone can be very painful and heart breaking because its takes lot of time and effort to store them. Luckily, Apple gives different options for its iPhone users to secure their data and prevent data loss situations. To avoid data loss situations iPhone users can take help of an inbuilt tool iTunes and iCloud. However, doing backup from iTunes is easy as compared to iCloud backup. As soon as you sync your iPhone to iTunes it will automatically create backup of all the contents of that device including your images, videos, contacts, notes, SMS, calender and many more things. Although, it is very difficult to Find and view iPhone backup files on Mac because the folder is hidden deep inside the system.

Well, you must wondering how to Find and view iPhone backup files on Mac? Don’t panic, relax let me tell you the exact location of backup files of iPhone on Mac. You can find by going to the below mentioned folder.

For  Mac:     ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

However, there is a big problem even if you find the location you will not be able to view the files and access the folders because iTunes backup uses SQLITEDB file that don’t give permission to anybody to preview the backup files. Therefore, it is recommended that you should go for a third party tool if you want to extract all the contents. So i suggest you select iPhone Backup Software. This tool creates backup of text messages, notes, contacts, voice call, photos, music, Saved games, application files and helps you to Find and view iPhone backup files on Mac effectively.


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How To Find And View iPhone Backup Files On Mac

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