The WhatsApp messenger has become really popular these days and you must be using it on your mobile to be connect with your family and friends. The application was installed in your current phone and you were using it readily however you just upgraded to the new iPhone and you are wondering How to Export Messages from WhatsApp on iPhone. This is quite necessary for you because you don’t want to lose any conversation of your loved ones. You should know that the messages that you send are not saved in the cloud server of the application rather they are saved in your own device. So it is really necessary to create the backup of the chat history to keep them safe. First on the previous device open the whatsapp application now you have to go to the WhatsApp setting and then select chats.

Then you will find the chat backup option and you need to tap the Backup now. You will have to enable either automatic or scheduled backup if you are opting for the Auto backup option. You can provide the Google drive account to save the backup files. When the backup is done you can then open the WhatsApp in your iPhone open the same account and then goto the same settings where the previous backup log is listed. Then with just a tap all the conversations will restored in the iPhone. This is how to export messages from WhatsApp on iPhone however if you want the offline mode then you can use the provided backup software which will make it easy for you to backup and transfer data through different phone. You can also use the software for other data items such as documents and multimedia. So you should get the software for better usability and options.

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IF you want to recover iPhone data :

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How to Export Messages from WhatsApp on iPhone

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