Do you want to learn the best and easiest way on how to exit recovery mode on iPhone? Then luckily, you’ve come to correct spot. If your iPhone has an issue and it got stuck in recovery mode, browse this guide to rectify it without losing your precious data.

How To Exit Recovery Mode On iPhone

Sometimes when you try to do an iOS update, jailbreak or even say restore your data from iTunes on your iPhone, you may run into unpredictable errors which will leave your iPhone to Recovery mode. Well, this is always not the case you may deliberately put your device into recovery if you want to fix any cumbersome problem. However, occasionally your iPhone will stop responding and fails to exit recovery mode when its needed. It will either keep repeating the boot up action in a regular loop or get freeze on the screen which shows the iTunes symbol and a USB cable. Despite all this, you can still exit from recovery mode via iTunes but all your backed up data will be wiped out forever. Follow the below mentioned steps on how to exit recovery mode on iPhone using iTunes.
1. Open iTunes on your system/PC.
2. Connect your device to PC using its USB cable.
3. Click OK as soon as it indicates in iTunes.
4. Choose your iPhone from the given list of options at the upper side of iTunes.
5. Click the Restore button. Follow the indications to create backup of your device before restoring.
6. Wait for couple of minutes for the backup and restore process to get finished.
7. Choose “restore from backup” from iTunes when the iPhone has been completely restored.

Use iPhone Recovery Software

However, you might have to do the above mentioned steps many times till you get it perfectly all right. There are maximum changes that you might finish up putting your iPad in DFU mode repeatedly. Moreover, apparently you have to lose your vital data during the process as well. Therefore we recommend you to recover of all your deleted text messages, application, voice call, notes, contacts, games, pictures, music before performing how to exit recovery mode on iPhone For that, we suggest you to opt for iPhone Recovery Software. This utility tool is fully accomplished and there’s absolutely no technical assistance required. iPhone Recovery software supports different models of iPhone (6s/6/6 Plus/5/4S/4/5s/5c/3GS) and compatible with iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6 and iOS 5 as well.

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If you want to backup your data then opt for-

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How To Exit Recovery Mode On iPhone

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