How to Erase iPhone from Computer? Is this question comes in your mind? Then you are at the right place. Generally user wants to erase iPhone from Computer when they want to sell their iPhone or give it to the other friend. Apart from this user also wants to erase iPHone from computer if their iPhone are lost or stolen and they want to keep personal information out of wrong hands. If you are also searching for the same then your problem is going to be resolved. There are several ways to accomplish the task, have a look:

 Erase iPhone from Computer using iCloud

As we all know iCloud is an inbuilt utility tool provided  by Apple inc to backup and restore vital files on all IOS devices. IPHone comes with limited memory so Apple has provided iCloud utility to backup our personal data. But you can also use this utility to erase iPHone from your computer. For this you need to follow below step:

  • Go to Find my iPhone on
  • Now click on All device option then select the device you want to erase
  • Click on Erase device in the device info window
  • Now enter your ID password and click on erase

 Reset your iPHone

First of all go to settings and tap the general button and click on Reset. IN this way your iPhone will be erase.

All above mentioned manual step are the ultimate step that help you to Erase iPhone from Computer in easy manner. But if you have some important data in iCloud that you don’t want to delete but it has deleted accidentally then in that case you can take help from third party iPhone recovery software. This software is an ultimate tool designed to recover lost or deleted data on all IOS devices irrespective of all causes. With mouse clicks this tool will recover all lost data from your iPhone, iPad and MAC computer.

                                 download-recovery  buynow1

  You can also backup your data using;

                                  download-backup-softw  buynow1

How to Erase iPhone from Computer

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