The data loss is quite common these days even from the iPhone, so the user should be cautions while dealing with his important files that are saved on the iPhone. The best thing will be that you should create a backup on a computer that can be a Mac or Windows PC. This can be done by using the iTunes application. However the computer can be accessed by many users so the backup data is still not safe. This problem can be solved when you encrypt and lock the Backup file but the thing is how to create encrypted backup of iPhone through iTunes.

The encrypted backup is not created by default you will have to enable it from the settings and for that turn on the Encrypt Backup option. So from now on the every backup that is created will be encrypted. But one thing you should be careful about is that you can access the encrypted data by any means if you have forgotten the password. You can not even turn off the setting without using the password. The encrypted backup can also be created over the iCloud which is an online storage but the problem is same that you can not get your data back if the password is lost.

If you want to escape this much of the trouble then you can use another backup tool that is provided here. You can create the backup file and then upload them any other cloud service whose password can easily be recovered through your email. The software has several other features that you will discover once you start using it. So you should download the software now and use it.

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User iPhone Recovery Software to Restore Lost iPhone Files.

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How To Create Encrypted Backup of iPhone Through iTunes

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