You just got your new iPad and still unfamiliar with all its function. You want the iPad for your work as well entertainment purpose so you are wondering how to copy videos from pc to ipad and watch them in your leisure time. The video transfer is also needed if you want to go somewhere and you will take the iPad with you. The video that is stored in the PC drive can be straight away copied to you iPad through the lightning cable which will connect the PC and the iPad. However you can also do it wirelessly by creating the WiFi or bluetooth network. There is another way but it is bit lengthy, you can do this by you can upload the video to some online drive and then download it through your iPad.

Now you know how to copy videos from pc to iPad but there is one more thing that you should be aware of, what if the the videos that you transferred or captured through your iPad gets lost. So it is necessary that you create a backup of all the videos and other data in the system drive or any other storage medium. The same methods can be used that are mentioned above but if you want more efficient method then you can use the iPad backup software which will make your work easy and the data safe. First time you have to configure the tool and create the backup manually then after the backup will get updated automatically. Whenever any of your videos gets deleted or corrupted form the iPad then you can restore the file with ease within seconds. So you should get the software now and begin backing up your data before it becomes too late. So don’t get worried about how to copy videos from pc to ipad and download the software immediately.

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How To Copy Videos From PC To iPad

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