I have just bought an iPhone 5s and i have downloaded some songs into it. But my brother has lots of my favorite song stored in his laptop which i also want in my iPhone. But i don’t know the exact way to do that. So if you have any idea about about how to copy songs from PC to iPhone 5s then please suggest me. Thanks..

iPhone has become the first choice of todays generation because of its magnificent features and compatibility. However you can do lots of things with your iPhone but listening your favorite music especially when you are traveling has its own experience. One can even store lots of songs in his iPhone. But it is not possible to store all of your favorite songs in your iPhone because its memory is limited. So there are many users who want to transfer songs which they have stored in their PC to iPhone. If you also want to know about how to copy songs from PC to iPhone 5s then there are several ways to do it. If we talk about transferring files from iPhone or to iPhone then the first utility which comes in our mind is iTunes. So you can also use iTunes to transfer your audio files from PC to iPhone. To do this you have to first attach your iPhone to your PC with the help of iTunes. After that open go to your PC and select your desired song and you can send it to your iPhone.

But while copying songs from PC to iPhone with iTunes you have to be very careful because iTunes has some limitation and if the transfer of files get interrupted due to any reason such as sudden power cut then there is a big chance to miss your file. So the best solution to copy songs from PC to iPhone 5s is iPhone backup software. This utility comes with advance features through which you can easily copy songs or any other multimedia files from your PC to iPhone.

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How to Copy Songs from PC to iPhone 5s

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