Well, Apple has released the latest iOS 9 firmware update to its users, now it’s great time for you to clear all the junk files from your iPad and redeem some storage and equip your device for the update. However, surely you must be wondering how to clear space on iPad to install iOS 9? I’m right? If yes, then browse this guide to know the best solution.

How To Clear Space On iPad To Install iOS 9

Apple has decreased the free space needed to install iOS 9 firmware update in iPad to only 1.3GB, which is enormous reformation over the ongoing least free space demand of 4.6GB. Though, some cleaning process will definitely help you to improve the long term experience of installing and implementing iOS 9 update. Therefore, below we provided you with some easy methods on how to clear space on iPad to install iOS 9. Before, you go ahead to delete images, videos, music files, games and applications from your iPad to make more storage, you must figure out where the bulk of storage space has gone. You can get a specified analysis of how the internal memory space is being used on your iPad. Go to Settings> General> Usage and then choosing the Manage Storage button from the Storage section. Now, you can effectively classify which applications you require to uninstall. Furthermore, you can try the below mentioned tips and learn how to clear space on iPad to install iOS 9.

  • Uninstall Unnecessary Apps
  • Shorten Your Music Library
  • Remove Podcasts
  • Wipe Off offline Safari’s Cache
  • Delete Old Messages
  • Finally Perform A Factory Reset

Use iPad Backup Software

The above suggested tips will definitely help to perform how to clear space on iPad to install iOS 9. However, cumbersome situations may occur at any moment and nobody knows in which form disaster knocks your door. You must have heard the saying- “Prevention is better than Cure” therefore, it is necessary to backup all your essential iPad data before any mishap. So, we recommend you to backup all vital data including voice call, text messages, notes, music, contacts, Saved games, photos, application conveniently by implementing iPad Backup Software. It is fully accomplished and there’s absolutely no technical assistance required. iPad Backup Software also supports different models of iPad ( iPad mini, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad air etc.) as well.

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For iPhone/iPad Data Recovery Opt for-

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How To Clear Space On iPad To Install iOS 9

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