“I have thousands of thousands of pictures and important conversations in WhatsApp. I just want to keep backup of messages in iPhone so that if some mishap takes place I can recover the data from there but as new iPhone user have no idea how to backup WhatsApp messages in iPhone? Is there any possible way?” Please help!!!

Nowadays, WhatsApp is most popular messaging service on ios and android platform. Due to its amazing features and impressive look Whatapp user is increasing at high rates and till now more than 400 million users are using this messaging service. However, just as any other data like contacts, messages, WhatsApp messages, texts, video files are also important and need to keep proper backup so that if some mishap takes place you can easily restore them. iPhone is most desirable smartphone that really impressed number of user with its amazing features. In spite some users especially beginners look solution for how to backup WhatsApp messages in iPhone? Making backup with the initial version of Whatapp was hectic process but with the updated versions of WhatsApp you can easily do backup directly from App.

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages in iPhone

You can save your WhatsApp messages and media files to your iCloud storage using iCloud backup

  • To make backup, first open the app and tap on settings tab.
  • From Chat Settings, tap on Chat Backup and then select the Backup Now button.
  • That’s now you have backup all data.

Backup WhatsApp Messages in iPhone using iPhone Backup Software

Although, manual steps is easy but sometimes it may happens that it doesn’t do proper backup or if interrupted in way you can lose some precious data, along with iCloud has certain limitation like Internet connection and file size. In case if you are unable to do backup you must rely on proper and effective backup software. Due to certain limitation of iCloud you have to face certain problems but using iPhone Backup Software you can easily do proper backup in hassle-free manner. The tool has been designed by experienced professionals that has overcome limitations of iCloud. Moreover, it tool has simple and instructive interface using which even beginners can complete his requirements. Hence, if you are unable to do backup WhatsApp messages in iPhone manually it would be quite sensible to take help of iPhone Backup Software as it’s best solution to how to backup WhatsApp messages in iPhone.

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In case if you have lose your important data then you can easily recover them using Recovery Software

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How to Backup WhatsApp Messages in iPhone

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