Hi friends, myself Manson Limb!! Recently I just got an iPad as a birthday gift from my dad and it’s an amazing one. But my question is what if in future I decide to format the device or transfer the purchased apps to PC/ iTunes? Does anyone have a clue how to backup purchased apps on iPad? Any sort of help would be commendable.

How To Backup Purchased Apps On iPad

Hello, Manson Limb and all my fellow readers. Gather your breath, there’s no need to rush.  Browse this post to learn the best tips on how to backup purchased apps on iPad easily. Well, one of the amazing parts about having the App store on your iPad is that you can immediately and smoothly download brand new apps on the go. But when you try to backup those purchased iPad apps via iTunes backup, they will not transfer over to your iTunes library. Felling annoyed or betrayed !! Don’t worry, it is a common scenario with every apple product. You can’t directly backup all your apps and media files to your desired place. However, we have find out an effective way and made sure that you can too backup those purchased apps without any hassle. Be with us to find out how to backup purchased apps on iPad with a few clicks !!

Follow the below mentioned steps to learn how to backup purchased apps on iPad

  • Connect your iPad to PC and open iTunes App.
  • Verify that iTunes authorized and you have logged into your account
  • From above menu select store> sign in>
  • For authorizing your PC to use with current account>select store> authorize this PC
  • Go to devices> right click on the name of iPad(windows) or CRT-click for mac users
  • Choose the transfer purchase option from iPad

Use iPad Backup Software

By implementing the above stated steps(order-wise) you can easily know how to backup purchased apps on iPad. However, let me tell you it require technical knowledge and expertise. One mistake and you might have to lose all your purchased apps forever. Losing your vital purchased apps can be grievous and disturbing. If you are a smart user then I assume you don’t want this cumbersome situation to occur. Don’t you?? Therefore, to avoid such terrible situation we recommend you to backup all your purchased apps on iPad with a reliable and working backup tool i.e iPad Backup Software. This software is designed by highly qualified  professionals which will definitely help to resolve your issue. iPad Backup Software is very user friendly, accomplished and there’s absolutely no technical assistance required. This software also supports all the versions of iPad as well.

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For iPhone/iPad Data Recovery Opt for-

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How To Backup Purchased Apps On iPad

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