Hi everyone, i am using an iPhone from last one year but yesterday i noticed that all my iPhone data has been lost. I have stored all my official data in the iPhone so i want to get it back soon. I used iTunes and iCloud both but didn’t get the backup of lost data. So i am asking to all of you that how to backup iPhone without iTunes and iCloud. If it is possible then please do let me know about that easy solution.

How to backup iPhone without iTunes and iCloud ? This question has arises by number of iPhone users all over the world. The iPhone has became most popular electronic gadget in todays life. It is manufactured by the top renowned brand Apple inc. Having an iPhone in hand is adding our personality. The world class features and its innovative design making its so popular. But some of the time the user of iPhone might have face data loss situation. The possible reason behind the data loss from iPhone is given below.

Reasons of iPhone Data Loss :

  • Accidental deletion : The iPhone users may accidentally delete the data while deleting unwanted files.
  • Physical damage : Due to physical damage of iPhone like falling onto ground and dropping in water
  • Jailbreak failure : In the iPhone jailbreak failure will also results to loss of data
  • Factory setting : If user restore the factory setting then the data might be loss.
  • Virus invasion: When any virus enters the iPhone then the stored data will be loss.
  • Incomplete upgrade : Sometimes Incomplete upgrade of iOS causes loss of data

Solution to Backup the iPhone Data :

The iPhone backup software is a simplest way to create backup of all lost iPhone data. Hence you should not worry about the question how to backup iPhone without iTunes and iCloud as this software is easily available. You can try its trial version before purchasing the licensed version of this software. It is supporting all iPhone models.

                                      download backup softw buynow1

For iPhone data recovery

                                       download recovery  buynow1

How to Backup iPhone Without iTunes and iCloud

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