Backup iPhone without iTunes

Hi everyone, i am an user of iPhone and i have stored lots of data on it due to which storage limit exceed. So, i want to backup iphone to PC. Last time while doing backup with iTunes i lost my data. So, please can anyone help me to backup iPhone without iTunes? Thanks.

iPhone is the wonderful gadget made by apple which is used by many users worldwide. As it comes with many features it has become very popular in recent time. One can take lots of wonderful pictures, listen favourite music, play interesting game and many more. We have store lots of important data on iPhone. Sometime we store lots of data and the storage capacity gets full. So we need to store some important data to other storage device to free some space of iphone. iPhone data can be backuped with the use of iTunes. It is a backup utility used by many iOS device. But iTunes has some limitation so many users want to backup iPhone without iTunes.

Limitation of iTunes application

iTunes is an application which is used by iOS device to manage data and to backup them. But many users complain that they have to face various problem while using iTunes. The most popular drawback of itunes is that it is performs very. It need high speed of internet for performing backup. Apart from that the worst thing is that you have to face data loss situation if any error occur while using iTunes.

Backup iPhone without iTunes

If you want to Backup iPhone without iTunes you need a third party software. You can use iPhone backup software. This is the best utility to backup iphone data instead of iTunes. It is reliable, fast, powerful and easy to use. Apart from that it can also be used to recover lost data or repair corrupted files. from iPhone and it supports all the latest version of iPhone. So, it is recommended to use iPhone backup software to backup iPhone without iTunes.

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To recover iPhone data use iPhone recovery software

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How to Backup iPhone Without iTunes

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