how to backup iPhone videos without iTunes

Hi friends i am using iPhone since long time and i have stored a lots of videos on it. But now i want to backup the videos to my computer to free some space. But i don’t want to do it with iTunes because i have heard about its limitation. So if any one have suggestion about how to backup iPhone videos without iTunes then please help me. Thanks

Nowadays amongst all multimedia device iPhone comes on the top. It comes with many marvelous features which makes users crazy about it. We can store lots of our favorite musics, videos, images, documents along with all our desired apps. We have stored lots of data including videos on it and where there is large amount of data there is always a risk of data loss. So to free some space or preserve our videos we create a backup of them. However Apple has provided an inbuilt application which is iTunes to backup data from iPhone. But when it comes to sync files with iTunes many users become scared. The main reason is iTunes can erase data from iPhone if any error occurs during transfer of files. Other than that it need a high speed Internet to work with iTunes. So if you are searching about how to backup iPhone videos without iTunes then you can use iCloud. You just have to upload your videos on iCloud and you can download it later by login with your device. But it can has also a limit of 3 GB.

Don’t worry if you are wondering about how to backup iPhone videos without iTunes. You can easily backup your data with the use of third party software. iPhone backup software is the perfect solution to backup your data instead of iTunes. There is no chance of losing any data and it you can easily backup all your iPhone data in very easy way. Besides it supports all the models of iPhone and it can bes used on any Windows OS. So it is recommended to use iPhone backup software if you want to backup your data without iTunes.

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To recover iPhone date use iPhone recovery software

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How to Backup iPhone Videos Without iTunes

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