Last night when i was returning from my friends party i suddenly dropped my iPhone after which its touch screen is not working. I have lots of crucial data saved in that which i don’t want to lose. I don’t know how to backup iPhone in this situation. So, if anyone has solution about how to backup iPhone if touchscreen is not working then please let me know. Thanks

If you are using an iPhone then you must have stored many important data on it which you never want to miss. But unfortunately iPhone is not free from issues and you can lose your data at anytime. Not working of the iPhone touch screen is one of the frustrating issue which an iPhone user can encounter. iPhone and similar device are basically depends on its touchscreen and if something went wrong with the touch screen then you are not able to access any data from it. Many users who are suffering from this situation has the same question how to backup iPhone if touchscreen is not working. There should be many reason behind not working of the touchscreen of an iPhone such as exposure to liquid, faulty touch screen control IC, physical damage to touchscreen, running of too many application at the same time etc. However if you have already created backup of your iPhone on iCloud then you can easily get them back by login with some other iOS device. If you don’t have backup on iCloud then you can take the help of iTunes which is the inbuilt utility of iPhone. But the problem with iTunes is that it has several limitation which can even lead to loss of data.

So if you are also searching about how to backup iPhone if touchscreen is not working and afraid to use iTunes then no need to worry. There are some more ways through which you can backup your iPhone if the touchscreen is not working. You can use iPhone backup software which is one of the reliable utility which has the ability to create proper backup of your iPhone data and it overcome all the limitation of iTunes.

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Use iPhone Recovery Software to Recover Lost iPhone Data

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How to Backup iPhone if Touchscreen is Not Working

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