Anyone know how to c? I am planning to switch from iOS to android OS but I have many important contacts saved in my iPhone device. Is there any effective solution to move my contacts from one device to another?

Well, iPhone is surely a very popular and widely used smart-phone but with the significant advancement in the technology of Android phones lost of users now want to change their phones. However, the one most annoying issue in changing phone is transferring data. Anyway, there is no need to worry about as this post will guide you the most easiest as well safest way to backup iPhone contacts to Android. In order to do so you can take the help of iCould utility which is an inbuilt feature for all iOS devices. It also support Android phones and can be suitable option to transfer your files. Well, as like iTunes, there comes certain limitations which iCloud utility as well which may cause inconvenience while transferring you data.

Limitations like limited storage, slow processing, requirement of high speed Internet are the most annoying issues which often bothers the users while using iCloud utility. However, there are few other manual options are also available but most of them doesn’t really works and few that works, they require high level technicality to backup iPhone contacts to Android. In such circumstances it would be quite sensible to rely only on a professional third party tool in order to transfer all your important data from iPhone to Android. You can take the help of iPhone Backup Software. It is very effective, advanced, reliable and easy to use tool. It can easily backup and restore all your files including, contacts, bookmarks, pictures, audios, videos, messages and so on. Moreover, it is even fully compatible with all Android phones as well. Therefore, it is recommended to take the help of iPhone Backup Software in order to backup iPhone contacts to Android with ease.

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To Recover Contacts from iPhone:

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How to Backup iPhone Contacts to Android

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