Have you recently bought an iPhone? Well, you must be pretty excited, aren’t you? But right now you probably be wondering how can you transfer photos from Android to iPhone? So, don’t worry you have come to right spot browse this guide carefully to learn the most effective and simple method.

How Can You Transfer Photos From Android To iPhone

It is very usual that we use our phones to click photos. We assume that lots of people have stored their priceless and memorable photos of life in their phones. However, one day you decide to switch your device, but what about the images? You earlier used an android based OS device and had saved several photos in it, now you bought an iPhone. Surely, you would want to view all those beautiful and cherished photos on your iPhone. Here, the big question arises is how can you transfer photos from Android to iPhone? Is it achievable? And the answer is definitely Yes. In this post we are going to provide you proper tips to transfer android photos to iPhone effectively.

The best way to transfer pictures from Android to iPhone is by using a system with iTunes installed. You just have connect your Android device to computer and then select the photos which you want to transfer and simply drag the folder and drop it on your PC. To make the whole process quite simple we suggest you to create a new folder on your system’s desktop. Now plug in your iPhone to Computer, launch iTunes and click iPhone. After that select your desired folder and then tick the check-box “sync Photo from”. Lastly, click apply and images will sync to your iPhone.

Use Android Backup Software

However, let me tell you the above process requires technical knowledge and expertise. One mistake and you might have to lose all your vital photos forever. Losing your precious picture can be grievous and disturbing. If you are a smart user then I assume you don’t want this cumbersome situation to occur. Therefore, to avoid such terrible situation we recommend you to backup all your photos with a reliable and working backup tool i.e Android Backup Software. This software is designed by highly qualified professionals which will definitely help to resolve how can you transfer photos from Android to iPhone issue easily. Android Backup Software is very user friendly, accomplished and there’s absolutely no technical assistance required.

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For Android Photo Recovery Opt For-

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How Can You Transfer Photos From Android To iPhone

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