Hi everyone, I am really very upset as all of my saved contacts has been deleted from my iPhone sim card. Those contacts was very important to me as it contains phone number of all my family members, friends, office colleagues etc. So I want to get that back as soon as possible but don’t have any idea. Could you please let me know that how to get contacts back on iPhone from sim card? Please help……

Don’t get panic, as you asked that how to get contacts back on iPhone from sim card so this is the place where you will get the appropriate answer of this question. Well, it is not only your problem eventhouhg many users who having iPhone or other phone are going through this issue. Infact its a very common issue when contacts gets deleted. There are various reasons that leads to deletion of contacts or other data. Usually the contacts or any other data gets deleted accidentally but the data will be lost in some other circumstances like unintentional formatting of iPhone, incorrect way of upgrading iOS, software or hardware corruption etc. All the iPhone users should be aware that there is two inbuilt tool iTunes and iCloud is in the each models of iPhone. The role of this two applications is to create the backup file of all data like contacts, photos, videos etc. In any data loss situation you can recover the data from the backup.

But what if the peoples has not created the backup file using these these two applications as worrying about how to get contacts back on iPhone from sim card? It is informed you that a third party tool is very famous now a days for giving the better result of data recovery. Its called as iPhone recovery software which easily recover your deleted contacts or other data in a very easy way. The best thing is that it is suitable for all the versions of an iPhone.

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To backup iPhone data use iPhone backup software

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How to Get Contacts Back on iPhone From Sim card

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