This post will help you to fix red screen of death on iPhone 6. Due to this issue you can even lose some saved data from iPhone 6 which is a big problem for the iPhone user. However it’s very easy to recover the lost data just do some simple steps to get back your lost data on iPhone 6. What actually Red Screen Of Death means?? How it happen to the iPhone models??

After the release of iPhone 6/6 Plus a recent update was also launched by the Apple developer. This update is to apply new improvements and few new features. However it seem good for some user, but some of then have report some issue like red screen of death on iPhone 6. On this issue the whole screen will get covered in red color and get stuck… don’t allow the user to do anything. To resolve the issue user have to reboot the system for number of times, even this will not fix the issue. This Red Screen Of Death mainly occur after getting the updating the iOS.

How To Fix Red Screen Of Death On iPhone 6 ??

Well for this you have to perform some simple step. But remember by applying these step you can also lose your data which is saved on the device. So for this you can use iPhone Recovery Software for quick recovery. As you know that the Red Screen Of Death on iPhone 6 is appear after updating iOS to 8.3 firmware. However to fix red screen of death on iPhone 6… apply these methods:

Restart or Reboot Your iPhone 6

Simple Reboot can also fix red screen of death on iPhone 6 issue and many more issue including device crashing or freezing. Well to make simple reboot on iPhone 6 :

  • Press and hold the power button
  • A option will appear “Slide To Power Off” >> Then release the button.
  • Slide it to the right.
  • Wait a few seconds before the phone is switched off.
  • With the phone off, hold down the power button until the Apple logo appears, then release.

Reset the iPhone 6

If the rebooting the device doesn’t solve this red screen of death on iPhone 6.. then you may need to reset your phone. But remember this will delete all the saved data. So for quick recovery you must use iPhone Recovery Software.

  • Well to reset your phone hold the Sleep and Home button together
  • For 10 second this will automatically Reset your iPhone

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How To Fix Red Screen Of Death On iPhone 6

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