Yesterday i decided to backup my iPhone to iCloud because i hadn’t backup it since long time. When i proceed for the backup as usually all thing was going normally but after few second the backup stop and i get an error message that the last backup could not be completed. I try it again but the problem remains same. So if you have any suggestion regarding this error then please let me know. Thanks..

iPhone is not only a device of entertainment but it also contains our important files. Unfortunately the iPhone is also prone to data loss so it is a good habit to have a regular backup of your iPhone data because if you stuck in data loss situation then you can easily get out from that. Many users prefer iCloud to backup their iOS device. But as mentioned in the above scenario many users have reported that when they where trying to backup there device to iCloud they will receive an error message which stats that the last backup could not be completed. Well, if you are also having such issue then don’t panic. First of all check that if there is enough space available on the iCloud. Sometime when the iCloud storage get full then it start displaying error. If the storage is full then try to remove some space. If you are still having the problem then you can try to backup your iPhone with the help of iTunes which is also an inbuilt utility provided by Apple to create backup.

But before you proceed to backup your iPhone with iTunes you must know about its limitation. iTune also have several limitation and if anything goes wrong while backup then there is high possibilities that you can lose your data. So if you are unable to do backup due to the last backup could not be completed error message then you can use some third party tool like iPhone backup software. This robust software is able to overcome all the limitations of the both inbuilt utility and you can easily create the backup of your iPhone data.

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If you want the iPhone Data Recovery then, try this;

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Fix the Last Backup Could Not be Completed on iPhone

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