Are you facing iPhone touchscreen unresponsive issue? If yes and need a solution then you have find the right page. This post will guide you with easy and effective steps through which you can solve the issue. There is no doubt about iPhone reliability but sometime users have to suffer from different issues on their iPhone and iPhone touchscreen unresponsive issue is one of them. There are many people who have complained that their iPhone become randomly unresponsive. Some users have complained about only the keyboard problem but some has the problem that their whole iPhone screen become unresponsive. This is really an annoying issue which make users unable to access any kind of data from their iPhone. There should be many reason behind this problem but the most common one is damage of the iPhone screen. Here are some potential solution which can be used to fix the touchscreen issue.

  • Try to restart your iPhone by pressing the sleep or wake button and home button together until the Apple logo not appear
  • Try this step Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings
  • Apart from that you can also try the factory reset. This will set the setting to default and the issue might be solved

But before you do factory reset you must have to create a backup of your data otherwise resetting will delete them all. But in case if you are also suffering iPhone touchscreen unresponsive issue and you do factory reset without having any backup of your data then this could be a disaster for you. But don’t worry because with the help of some third party tool you can easily get back your lost data. iPhone recovery software is one of the best and reliable software which can easily get back your lost or deleted data from iPhone.

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You can also backup your data using iPhone backup software

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Fix iPhone Touchscreen Unresponsive Issue

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