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Are you facing iMessage syncing issues? If so then you have choose the right post. This post will guide you with easy and simple steps which will help you in fixing iPhone syncing problem. However, iPhone comes with many outstanding features but iMessage is one of the most used service by iPhone users. iMessage has change the way of communication and it is used to communicate with friends and family on daily basis because it is a shortest and easy form of sharing message. With the help of iMessage one can not only share text but you can also send your favorite multimedia files like photos, videos, music etc. But it is unfortunate that it is also not free from issues. People sometime face difficulties when they want to sync their iPhone message to Mac or some other computer for a backup.

If you have been stuck in this kind of situation where you want to sync iMessage and unable to sync it due to some issue then here you will know how to fix iMessage syncing issues. Once of the commonly known problem that can bring iMessage syncing issue is not properly set up of iMessage. iMessage can sync up with all the iOS and Apple device (Mac) together as long as they are signed with the same ID, but it is unfortunate it doesn’t work smoothly sometime. You can follow these steps to set up your iMessage properly

  • On your iPhone and open the settings application
  • Tap on the message
  • Tap on the send and receive app
  • If your Apple ID is not showing up then login with your Apple ID
  • Make sure that the selected phone number is under the under the Start New Conversations From

By following above steps you can fix iMessage syncing issues but sometime while syncing process if something went wrong then there is a huge chance that you can lose your important iMessage conversation. Well, in that situation you don’t have to worry because you can recover your iMessage with the help of iPhone recovery software. It is the best and prominent utility which can easily bring back deleted or lost message from any model of iPhone.

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Use iPhone Backup Software to backup iPhone data

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How to Fix iMessage Syncing Issues

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