The iPhone is a very well designed and developed device that is known for its performance and usability. It seldom gives any difficulty to its user but there can be certain situations where it can get hanged and become unresponsive. Then in that case you may escape just by restarting the iPhone or you will have stuck with random error messages. So to fix this you will have to use the recovery mode which will revert the iPhone to the default settings and it may get functional again. So you would be thinking how to enter or exit iPhone recovery mode. Here are the steps provided which will help you to operate the device in the recovery mode.

First you will have to shut down the phone by holding both the home and the power button for few seconds, Connect the device to the Mac or Windows system where iTunes is installed already and the system will start up automatically. You need to still hold the home button and then the system will inform you by the message that the recovery mode is initiated and detected. Now from the iTunes application you can perform the recovery. After the recovery mode is completed your iPhone will get restarted or you can hold the home button to reboot it and exit the recovery mode. So now when you know How to Enter or Exit iPhone Recovery Mode and done it the iPhone may become functional again but the data will get erased so you will have to recover it from any backup or if you don’t have that then use the iPhone recovery software. It will surely restore all your data from the iPhone storage and you can enjoy the device again. So download the software now use it with your iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device.

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For iPhone Backup

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How to Enter or Exit iPhone Recovery Mode

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