I recently deleted folder of bookmark on my iPhone, which contains lots of important bookmarks which are very convenient for me. Can anyone tell me how to recover iPhone bookmarks?

iPhone is an innovative gadget provide by Apple, which offers number of features. Anyone can easily store music, pictures, videos and surf Internet, by using its amazing features. Users also save bookmarks of their important website which to return back to them quickly. But some iPhone users encountered a problem that their bookmarks are lost. After that they start searching ways to how to recover iPhone bookmarks.

There are many reasons which can cause lost iPhone bookmarks. Some of them are

  • Updating iOS of iPhone can delete bookmarks
  • Sometime users accidentally delete their bookmarks
  • Crashing of iPhone can also lead the bookmarks loss
  • Restoring factory setting is also a big reason behind bookmark lost
  • Virus attack can also delete your bookmark

If you have also lost your important bookmark then don’t be worry. If you have suddenly deleted your bookmarks then you try the manual method which contain closing of Safari app. To do it follow these steps

  • Double tap on home button which display recently used application
  • locate safari app which display list of apps running in background of your iPhone
  • Tap on safari bookmark until it blink
  • Click on minus sign and restart safari icon by clicking on safari icon

If you are still having problem, after trying those manual steps. Then you need a third party software which can solve how to recover iPhone bookmarks problem. Use iPhone recovery software to get back all the lost bookmarks. This software can retrieve lost bookmarks in safe and reliable ways. It is especially designed for iPhone which not only recover bookmarks it can also recover contacts, message, music and other multimedia content. In order to give user a great experience it is designed with a friendly interface so that users can easily use it.

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For backup of iPhone data use

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Effective Guide on How to Recover iPhone Bookmarks

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