Hi all I have accidentally deleted all the pictures on my HTC Desire SV. Those pictures are very important for me. Can any one help me to recover photos from HTC Desire SV? Any help will be appreciated.

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HI there no need to take tension your problem is going to be solved as you have reached to the right place. As we all know losing the precious photos and other data from your gadget is a common problem now a days. Today HTC smartphone becomes very popular around the world due to its several unique features. With increase in the demand of HTC smartphone Htc brand releases its new model from time time. Recently HTC has launched HTC Desire SV in the market. Since it releases in the market it has attracted people attention due to its some astonishing features. The phone is a perfect blend of smart specification, elegant design and excellent performance. This HTC phones comes loaded with powerful camera which captures photos and videos in excellent quality. But in-spite of having all advancement and effectiveness, user’s will have to face data loss scenario which can be occur at any instance of life. Under such instances its become necessary to recover photos from HTC Desire SV quickly. For this you need to stop using the phone for capturing new photos. This is because new files will overwrite the space of deleted files which makes recovery impossible.

Usually photos or videos gets deleted from HTC Desire SV due to accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, memory card corruption, virus infection, power failure and restore factory settings. However in order to recover photos from HTC Desire SV then you should rely on android recovery software. Although backup file also help you to get back lost photos on HTC desire SV. Unfortunately if you don’t have backup file then you should take help from android recovery software. The tool is able to recover all lost or deleted data including photos from any android devices.

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In Case you want to do backup of your Android Device then, you can opt for-

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Easily Recover Photos from HTC Desire SV

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