Hi all my name is Martin, there are lots of MOV files are stored in my Mac OS X system. I am also having a latest version iPhone and i want to transfer the MOV files from the Mac system to my iPhone. I am really unaware of the methods to transfer files from system to an iPhone. Therefore i am desperately looking for an easiest way to transfer MOV to iPhone on Mac OS X. If somebody having knowledge about it then please share with me. Thanks in advance……

Hello Martin, it is advised you to browse this post and get easiest way to transfer MOV to iPhone on Mac OS X system. Well, the movies and other videos in your Mac hard drive will be MOV file format. The MOV files are compressed and thus it is very easy to download and stream. Many videos which you see online are in this file format. In Windows computer and Mac computer this file format is supported. The video if this file format is saved with .mov file extension. It is a very common multimedia format that is using proprietary compression algorithm which is developed by Apple. If you want to transfer the transfer the MOV files in your iPhone from Mac OS X then take help of iTunes application which is inbuilt in iPhone. All you need to do is establish a connection between your Mac computer and iPhone through USB cable. Now open the iTunes application and follow the given steps. Using the iTunes import all the MOV files from system iPhone. Hence you can consider the iTunes as an easiest way to transfer MOV to iPhone on Mac OS X. The another feature of iTunes is creating backup of iPhone data but sometimes it won’t work. So that case the best solution is iPhone backup software. This software is very easy to use as it is offering friendly interface. For any models of iPhone you can use this software.

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For iPhone data recovery

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Easiest Way to Transfer MOV to iPhone on Mac OS X

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