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Have you deleted videos from your iPhone? Want to get them back? Don’t worry!! You have come to the right place. Here you will get complete instructions on how to recover deleted video on iPhone.

iPhone doesn’t need any introduction because it is a very popular device among today’s generation. It is used for various thing like entertainment, communication and useful work. One can store lots of data on it which includes music, videos, apps, pictures and so many other things. We have many favorite video stored on it which we have shoot from iPhone or downloaded form Internet. Videos are like flashback of our memories and no one want to delete them. But unfortunately sometime we make mistake and accidentally deleted our videos. After loosing videos we desperately start searching for how to recover deleted video on iPhone.

Get deleted videos with iTunes

However, manufacturer of iPhone has provided an inbuilt utility which is iTunes that works as a backup software for all iOS devices. So, if you have a backup of your videos then you can easily get them back by syncing with iTunes. But there are some bad things also related with iTunes. If you have decided to use iTunes then make sure that you have a high speed Internet otherwise it will not work. Another thing is that it makes the system very slow on which it is running. And the most worst thing that there always remains a great chance of data loss if any error occur during syncing with iTunes.

Recover videos with iPhone recovery software

Accidentally deleting files is a very common issue so it is better to make a backup. If you don’t have a backup available then no need to worry. The videos can be recovered easily with iPhone recovery software. So if you are also searching for how to recover deleted video on iPhone then here is the solution. iPhone recovery software is specially designed for retrieving deleted videos, images, musics, apps and other data from iPhone. It comes with a user friendly interface and it supports all the versions of iPhone.

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To backup data on iPhone use backup software

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Complete Guide on How to Recover Deleted Video on iPhone

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