Hi friends, my phone is stuck on Apple logo and is not responding. I was trying to update my phone but don’t know why it can’t update or restore. Please help me guys.

Are you facing can’t update or restore your iPhone issue? Want to restore your iPhone? Well, it is really a very common issue which is often encountered by several iPhone users. Well, in such situation iPhone stops responding and even iTunes does not recognize your phone. Whats more, you phone will stuck on Apple logo and may also result in severe data crisis scenario. However, there is no need to worry about as you can still restore your phone easily. In order to overcome can’t update or restore your iPhone issue you will need to go through the bellow mentioned steps carefully.

  • First of all connect it with a computer and open iTunes.
  • Now put your phone in recovery mode.
  • Here you will see the option update or restore.
  • Select Update option to update your phone.
  • In the end set up your device and disconnect it form computer.

Well, the above method will surely help you to overcome can’t update or restore your iPhone issue but it can not rescue your lost data. In order to restore lost iPhone files you can take the help of previously created backup file if available. If there is no backup available then in such situation the only way to rescue all your lost data is using third party iPhone Recovery Software. It is very quick, effective and easy to use tool that can easily restore all your files after any critical scenario. It has been designed by the professionals and is able to rescue all your lost data in just few easy steps. The best thing about this amazing utility that it maintains the originality of your files. Therefore, it is recommended to make use of iPhone Recovery Software in order to get backup all lost files after can‘t update or restore your iPhone issue.

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Use iPhone Backup Software to Backup iPhone Data

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Can‘t Update or Restore Your iPhone: What to Do Next

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