Hello friends, I am a journalist by profession and I have to record lots of voice memos, conversations, meetings and speeches in my iPhone. But the only problem is that my iPhone storage has got completely filled. I tried to transfer voice memos but each time I failed. Can anyone please tell me how to Transfer voice memos between iPhone and PC effectively?

Hey dear, don’t worry you have come to correct place this post will surely guide to Transfer voice memos between iPhone and PC easily and safely. Voice memos is a very useful application in iPhone which helps you to record voice notes, conversations, speeches or any kind of verbal dialogue instantly. It’s nothing wrong to maintain huge collection of voice memos on your iPhone, lastly you might want to copy all your important voice notes that you have saved on iPhone to PC either to backup your data or just to create more space on your device. After all, it is a phone you might prone to get lose your voice memos if your iPhone gets damaged, broken, stolen, virus infection and many more things. Losing your valuable data from iPhone can be very unpleasant situation because it takes lots of effort and time to gather all those vital information. However, you can Transfer voice memos between iPhone and PC through manual steps which is given below-

  • By tapping on any voice memo and selecting “share” button and choosing “Email” option.

However, using the above manual step requires network connection and if you won’t do it properly it may result in data loss. Hence, it is recommended that you should go for a powerful third party tool .i.e iPhone backup software in order to Transfer voice memos between iPhone and PC safely. This software is very reliable, powerful and trustworthy. It is very advanced and user friendly. Not only its restores voice memos but it is also capable to backup all your important text messages, photos, contacts, voice mails, call history, and appointments without damaging the original content. iPhone backup software is designed in such a manner that it is compatible with all the version of Mac and Windows operating system. It also supports various versions of iPhone(iPhone 6 plus/6/5/5S/5C/4S/4/3GS and iPhone 3G).

                           download-backup-softw      buynow1

In Case, if you want to recover lost iPhone Data then you can opt for iPhone Backup Software

                             download-recovery      buynow1

Best Way To Transfer Voice Memos Between iPhone And PC

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