iPhone one name one brand, which always amaze the customer with their vary new and innovative models. Recently they have launched iPhone 7 as the successor of iPhone 6. The iPhone 7 model have collect more positive reviews in just few day’s. However it only some consequence that having such brand new device like iPhone 6 / 7 and due to some silly reason you forget to make back-up of your device data. well here we have discussed some tips to backup iPhone data to PC without iTunes. Number of user don’t realize how much is important to make back-up of the data. Getting a phone with higher storage capacity doesn’t mean can hold all data forever.

There are some unfavorable condition in which you can all the data saved in iPhone 6 / 7. However you don’t need to worry because here you get tips to backup iPhone data to PC without iTunes.


Well, not matter what you have save on your device you have make back-up of each and every data which is valuable to you. In some we have seen that user have lost their contacts from iPhone 7 and have to add the full list by searching here and there. If they have make a back-up then they should not do such silly things, just get it right back on the phone. The iPhone is a congenital application called iTunes, which is intended to create backup files of all data, such as contacts, photos, videos, music, etc. Creating a backup using this application requires good technical skills and there should be no disruption to creating backups.

On the other hand, there is another built-in tool called iCloud. iTunes as it is also used to generate the backup file, but iTunes is the off-line line and iCloud is an online process. You have to create your iCloud account and then create a backup file. The process of backing up through iCloud requires an adequate connection to the Internet. However there is one more easy and simple way through which you can backup iPhone data to PC without iTunes, and that is by using iPhone Backup Software. This Software is fully compatible will all iPhone models.

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To Recover Lost iPhone Files Use iPhone Recovery Software

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Backup iPhone Data To PC Without iTunes : For iPhone 6 / 7 User’s

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