Hey everyone my name is Jack, I ma using a latest version of an iPhone. There are lot of important contacts I have saved in it. I want to make the backup file of all the contacts. One of my friend suggested to use iTunes and create backup. But I really don’t know that how to use iTunes for making backup. I am looking for another solution to create backup iPhone contacts to pc without iTunes. Please Help……

Don’t worry, this post will let you know that how to backup iPhone contacts to pc without iTunes. Just go through the post briefly and get complete information. Well, it is really very important to create the backup of contacts so that you can recover it easily if it loss or deleted. The contacts are very important resource as it includes phone numbers of our family members and friends. In the iPhone there is an inbuilt application named iTunes whose role is to create the backup files of all the data like contacts, photos, videos, music etc. Creating backup through this application requires good technical knowledge and there should not be any interruption in order to create backup. On the other hand there is also an another inbuilt tool named iCloud. Like iTunes it is also used for generating backup file but the iTunes is a off-line process and iCloud is a online process. You have to create your iCloud account and then make a backup file. The backup process through iCloud requires proper Internet connection. As you asked that how to backup iPhone contacts to pc without iTunes, so I would like to get help of third party software. This is called as iPhone backup software which is designed with advance technology. It is very easy to use and takes less time to make a backup file. This software is compatible for all the version of an iPhone.

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To Recover Lost iPhone Files Use iPhone Recovery Software

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Backup iPhone Contacts to PC Without iTunes

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